Hey guys.     I know I have been really slack on these posts since Christmas. I’ve had a really difficult time getting a set schedule since I moved out of my apartment. Being the person I am, I need to have a set  schedule in order to be productive. […]

My life at the moment

  Jet is the second book in the Marked Men series and it did not disappoint. This book definitely held some surprises. This novel introduced Asa Cross, Ayden’s trouble-making older brother. Just as in Rule, both Jet and Ayden have some harsh family drama going on. Jet is having to deal with […]

Book Review: Jet

I first read “Goblin Market” when I was in college. It tells the story of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, and their interactions with goblin fruit merchants. Enjoy!

“Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti

“Baby Love”   Baby love, please don’t cry I’ll rock you quiet with this lullaby. Hush, sweet baby, remember dreams When angels painted rainbow gleams.   December broke a heart or two, Then heaven brought me you. Baby love, do you see? The sweet and bitter memory Of tears unspoken and words […]

Baby Love

Time for another writing prompt!   Write a story from the perspective of an animal/plant/object. Treat it as a “day in the life of a (cat, flower, chair, etc.). Write about what it sees, experiences, and feels.   Until next time!

Writing Prompt #3

Jay Crownover
  Jay Crownover is the bestselling author of the Marked Men series. She has also written two other series: Welcome to the Point, and Saints of Denver. In total she has written eleven books.   Her first novel, Rule, was published in May 2013. Since then, she has written five other books in the Marked Men […]

Author Spotlight: Jay Crownover

  Okay guys. I’m breaking from my normal genre. Jet is the second novel in the Marked Men series by Jay Crownover. This is a new adult (target age group between 18-30) romance novel. No fantasy in sight. Also note: as this is geared toward more mature audiences, there are some racy […]

Oh. My. God. This book was FANTASTIC. It took me a little while to get into it. The first chapter was reminiscent of The Hunger Games because of Feyre (main character) trying to hunt for food for her family. That’s about where the similarities end.   This was very much […]

Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Happy New Year!   The end of the year is always hectic, but this one has been especially so. I worked two days the week of Christmas (retail), I had two different Christmases to go to, and I was also in the process of packing and moving out of my […]

Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas Eve!   I’m really excited about today’s genre: graphic novels! The beautiful thing about this genre is that books within this genre can be about anything. There are historical books, such as Maus, which is about WWII. There are fantasy books (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Sailor Moon), romance books (Skip Beat, Dengeki […]

Exploring Genre: Graphic Novels